NUO Hotel Beijing - Chaoyang district

An alluring blend of charming Chinese culture and chic contemporary design at the heart of Beijing’s creative zone, our flagship hotel is an enthralling lifestyle destination. 

Immerse yourself in mesmerising artworks, relax in sumptuous rooms, or indulge in healing spa treatments. And savour the divine taste of our celebrated signature teas and delectable gastronomy. NUO Hotel Beijing is an unforgettable opulent haven.

Beijing Hotel NUO - Dongcheng District

A majestic mix of historic grandeur and modern elegance, Beijing Hotel NUO has stood proud in its exclusive and prestigious location for more than a century.

Soak up artistic masterpieces and captivating skyline views in your lavish room or suite. Enjoy exquisite cuisine, along with timeless glamour and top-class wines in our stylish bar. This is the ultimate sophisticated sanctuary.